The AEG brand represents the latest technology in the sector of high performance and high efficiency asynchronous motors worldwide.

The AEG by Lafert range covers outputs from 0.09 to 200kW in frame sizes 56 to 315.

The motors are state of the art in research and technical applications from fan to pump industries to heavy industrial applications, from marine application to smoke extraction.
The energy range is suited for all type of duties regardless of severity or any adverse conditions.

Its efficiencies where applicable exceed the required minimum requirement of the IE2 harmonised efficiency levels stated in IEC 60034-30;2008. And the maximum efficiency level IE3 will be available from October 2010.
Registered with some relevant authorities such as ECA in the UK. MEPS Compliant for Australia, EPAct Compliant for Canada and the USA.

* Harmonised Efficiencies levels (IE2)
* High reliability
* High Efficiency for reduced running costs
* Smooth acceleration, high starting torques low starting currents
* IP55 Enclosure
* Ease of maintenance
* Suitability for inverter operation

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