Clutches & Brakes

Three Functions Unlimited Applications

All clutches and brakes provide the basic function of controlling the starting or stopping of rotating shafts. With the advent of sophisticated control techniques the functional uses of clutches and brakes has been greatly expanded. Improved accuracy, increased cycle rate capability, better control of tension, reliable fail safe braking, precise indexing and positioning, overrunning and holdback, speed changing, reversing and jogging are all possible using standard products and controls.

Because clutches and brakes are often used in safety critical operations JR Power stocks clutches and brakes from Warner, Wichita and ZF the worlds finest manufactures.

The choice of technologies is greater than ever before electric, wrap spring, mechanical, spring actuated, overrunning sprag and roller types, magnetic particle, to mention a few.

JR Power's technicians will happily advise you on the most effective solution for your application both in terms of performance and cost.

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