Wichita, design and manufacture pneumatic and hydraulic clutches and brakes, tension control systems and ancillary equipment for industrial, mining and marine applications. Whether it's an off-the-shelf product you need or a bespoke design, from paper manufacture to mining to metal-forming JR Power can advise and supply the correct solution for your application.

Pneumatic Clutches & Brakes

The Wichita Air-Tube Disc Clutch combines all the best features of the disc type clutch with all the advantages of the direct air engagement.

Low Inertia and Very Low Inertia Clutches and Brakes are designed to be completely free from effects of centrifugal force and self energisation Torque developed is in direct proportion to air pressure applied.

Wichita Clutches engage smoothly without noise, shock or impact and release completely in a fraction of a second. Extremely fast action is possible because of the small volume of air required. Clutches may be slipped moderately to control the acceleration rate. When large inertia loads are powered from electric motors, smooth, controlled slip starts by Wichita Clutches can keep power demands below the allowed maximum.

Caliper Brakes

The new WICHITA Caliper brake is designed for medium duty to heavy duty stopping and holding applications.

  • High torque and heat capacity
  • Mechanical override facility on spring applied version
  • Optional corrosion protection
  • Easily replaceable friction pads
  • Simple single face mounting
  • Compact and robust design
  • Self centering
  • Self aligning pads
  • Ease of installation

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