Endless Belting

JR Power are delighted to supply and fit Siegling - Transilon belts. Thanks to its versatility, Transilon guarantees a smooth flow of goods and trouble free operation for conveying, transfer and process functions.

This applies not only to the production process, but also to the feed of raw materials and the subsequent filling and packing stages.

From thermally conductive cooling belts to cut and wear resistant belt for the meat processing industry Transilon supports the production process at all stages.

These belts will help with the implementation of HACCP concepts and procedures. With numerous developments, such as conveyor belts of special plastics, which provide no source of nutrition to bacteria and fungi, protecting the belt and product from bacterial or fungal attack.

FDA Approved Belting

These belts have a top face coating (Low Friction - LF) which is treated in a special process, resulting in extremely low friction coefficient. Sticky goods which normally adhere to the belt are released very well.

Thanks to the very smooth surface these belts are easy to clean and suitable for accumulation points.

Of course should you require optimum grip a range of surface texture belts are available. These textures can be used to emboss the bottom of products being conveyed if required.

Profiles and sidewalls

Conveyor belts with profiles are used for the inclined and declined conveying of bulk goods and small pieces.

Profiles are available in various shapes and sizes and in some cases available as roll material.

To contain the goods on the sides when conveying, sidewall profiles are used - often in conjunction with lateral profiles.

Transilon is available:

  • endless
  • prepared for on site hot or cold press splicing.
  • Fitted on site by our trained technicians
  • with mechanical fasteners
    • plastic fasteners are suitable for use in metal detectors
    • FDA quality
  • In a roll format for your own fabrication



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