Motors, Gear Units and Pumps

JR Power are able to offer a comprehensive range of Motors and drives from the World's leading manufacturers.

With literally 1000's of options and configurations our expert technicians are happy to visit you and advise on the appropriate selection.

Most standard motors and drives are available on a next day delivery basis. JR Power's many years of experience has given us an excellent understanding of the high demands put on industry today, with the relentless pursuit of greater efficiency and cost reduction we are comfortable that the equipment we supply will perform even under the most arduous conditions.

The Joki drum motor and the Baldor Washdown motor are excellent solutions for both the food and pharmaceutical industries, where cleanliness is of the utmost importance


The following list provides examples of the range we supply.

AC Induction Motors
AC Gearmotors
Permanent Magnet DC Motors
Brushless DC Motors
Washdown Motors
Stainless Motors
Explosion Proof Motors
Drum Motors
From fractional horsepower motors to 2000Kw powerhouses we can supply a cost effective solution.

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