Bodine Motors

JR Power are an authorised distributor of Bodine products. Since 1925 Bodine have been manufacturing and producing fractional horsepower motors, gearmotors and motion controls. Bodine's state of the art manufacturing capabilities along with its engineering expertise combined with JR Power's knowledge and service have provided motion control solutions for hundreds of companies.

With a range of over 800 motors and controllers to choose from JR Power are happy to advise on the best solution for your application.

AC Induction Motors

  • Torque Motors - 3.5 68 oz-in
  • Induction Motors 1/600Hp - 1/2HP
  • AC Parallel Shaft Gearmotors
  • Right Angle AC Motors
  • Pacesetter™ Drives & Inverters

DC Permanent Magnet
Motors & Gearmotors

  • DC PM Motors - 1/50th - 1/2Hp
  • Parallel Shaft Gearmotors up to 341/lb in
  • Right Angle Gearmotors up to 380/lb in
  • Filtered Speed Controls to suit

Brushless DC Motors
& Controls

  • Brushless DC Motors 1/16th - 1/38th Hp
  • BLDC with gearmotors & Integral Controls
  • Parallel shaft BLDC Gearmotors
  • 115VAC Speed Controls
  • Right Angle BLDC Motors
  • 24VDC Speed Controls

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