Whether you need to connect or disconnect, accelerate or bring loads to a stop, Lenze provide the right solution.

If dynamic braking and holding torques are required, the solution is INTORQ spring applied brakes where the braking torque is applied with disconnection of the power.  Quick assembly is provided by the pre-set air gap and low wear friction linings CAS-CUS (UL) are standard.

Clutches to connect and disconnect masses in motion, and brakes to bring then to a stop are available from partner suppliers INTORQ and magneta.  Rapid response and high switching frequencies are possible.  The torque connection is without backlash.

Does your production process run in cycles? With the INTORQ electromechanical clutch and brake units the output can be switched on and off whilst the input runs at constant speed.

Do you need slip-free clutches or brakes with small dimensions and torques from 17 to 16000Nm? The Mönninghoff range of tooth clutches and brakes are world leaders in this field.

INTORQ is a company formed by management buy-out from Lenze and they manufacture spring applied brakes, also standard clutches & brakes.

Magneta are an established company manufacturing miniature clutches and volume specials based on the Lenze Simplatroll designs.

Monninghoff are a Partner company with great expertise in tooth clutches and shaft couplings.

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